Easy Fundraising for Charity

Great Venue

Experienced Organizers

Excellent Facilities

Acorn Shooting is experienced in helping organizations create easy fundraising days for a charity of their choice. Whether you choose to hold your fundraising at your own venue or at ours, we can help you create a successful event.

Our expertise in organising events helps us provide you with the best service possible. We have helped charities raise tens of thousands of pounds in the past, proving our services as an effective way of generating funds for your chosen cause.

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We can provide for any number of people, helping you have confidence that no matter how big your event becomes, we can deliver a successful day.

Not only can we provide your guests with entertainment in the form of clay shooting and other outdoor activities, but are also able to provide all of the required services for your fundraising event to be successful.

Our catering services means that you do not need to worry about organizing food and drink, as we can supply. Additionally, we can also provide marquees for your guests, helping minimize your worries and deliver a more hands-off service if you require it.

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Catering and Hands-Off Organization

With a longstanding history of helping charities organize their events, we are able to supply a hands-off service. Not only can we provide a gorgeous venue and entertaining outdoor activities, but can also deliver catering services and other aspects of event organization to ensure your day runs smoothly.

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Friendly Competitions

In addition to standard clay pigeon shooting, we can organize friendly competitions and prize giving within your fundraising event. These can be made specifically for your unique event, helping provide a more personal touch to the fundraising day.