Team Building and Corporate Days

Caterers available

Friendly Competitions

Whether you are entertaining a client or wanting to take your employees on a day out as a thank you, Acorn Shooting can accommodate. Our beautiful location and great shooting facilities can provide your guests with enjoyment throughout the day.

If you are looking to hold an event for a charity, rather than a corporation, please redirect to our fundraising page. Acorn Shooting is experienced in both corporate days and fundraising events, helping your organization create a successful day for its chosen cause.

Acorn Shooting’s experienced team can cater to people of all skill levels, providing fun and challenging shooting games regardless of your guests’ background. We are able to serve any number of people, and have a longstanding history of continuously providing businesses with annual shooting days. Acorn Shooting is also able to provide other services for your event, such as catering, so that you have minimal disruption and can be left to enjoy your event.

See what our customers have said about our team building and corporate days:

“With Des Sturgess what impresses is his personal commitment to a safe and co-ordinated day’s shooting”
Sir Michael Gray, Airborne Systems.

“Desmond Sturgess has organised our annual Corporate Clay Shooting day for the last eleven years, with great success”
Byas Mosley Group.

clay pigeon shooting

Catering Services

In addition to helping organize conventional shooting activities, such as Clay Pigeon Shooting, we can also deliver other areas of event organizing. If you would like to have caterers there to supply your guests with food and drink, we will happily help. We can supply a hands-off service that allows you to enjoy the day without the hassle and stress of organizing every aspect of your event.

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If you would like to introduce some friendly shooting competitions within your team building or corporate day, you can. These events can be suited to fit your unique requirements. Additionally rewards can be given to guests both for team and individual performance on the day.

Vouchers Available
Vouchers are available for group shooting sessions, get in touch to purchase a voucher and find out more about voucher options.